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Wired Face Design

I was inspired by Gil Bruvel’s metal sculptures. I started with the following face mesh by KungFuMasterPS. I then used Blender’s subsurf modifier on a plane to get the following projected version of the face shape. I then took the horizontal mesh edges and converted them to curves. Each curve was then filled with a […]

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Multi-Colored Airmchair

I was inspired by the bright colors of this armchair posted by design-dautore.com. I have noticed that some printed sandstone colors are very bright, even neon-like. I thought it would be interesting to use those bright sandstone colors for my own armchair design. I started with manipulating a block mesh in Blender to get the […]

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Steampunk Elephant Design

I was inspired by the mechanical elephant at Nantes. I wanted to create my own steampunk styled elephant but I had some different ideas about how to do my own version. I started by using Jeff2207’s African Elephant mode on Blend Swap. I made various changes like making the design manifold (watertight), changing the position […]

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Protecting Sandstone

As Shapeways indicates in their material portfolio, sandstone is brittle and should be kept away from moisture. I have found the final printed sandstone models to be quite strong and solid. However, I wanted to find a way to seal and protect the material. WillLaPuerta in the Shapeways forum recommended using Rust-Oleum Lacquer Spray Paint. […]

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Nautilus Submarine Design

I was inspired by the Nautilus Submarine Art Car at Maker Faire 2013 to make my own steampunk-styled submarine. There have been many interpretations of Jules Vern’s submarine Nautilus, but probably the most famous is from Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’. I looked at many images to come up with my own design. I […]

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