Steampunk Submarine

I was inspired by the Steampunk genre to make my own steampunk-styled submarine.

This was going to be my first 3D printed model, so I had to learn how to make a design printable. Not all 3D designs can just be printed. Shapeways has requirements for designs to be printable. The model has to be enclosed (manifold), which means it has to be a design that makes sense in the real world. Think of the model of consisting of volumes of shapes that need to be watertight.

I decided on using sandstone since it was cheap and the final model would be in full color.

I decided to add lots of rivets to the various parts of the body. I used various Blender tools to make that work.


The one part of the design I was unsure about was the propeller. I was worried that the steep angles would be a problem for the printer, but the final 3D print came out great.

You can buy this model on Shapeways.

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