Steampunk Android

My smartphone is running Android, so I decided to design my own steampunk-styled version of the Android mascot.


I did the whole design in Blender using mostly basic cylinder shapes. The most complicated part was the gear mechanism on the front of the design. I found a photo of a mechanical watch mechanism and then simplified it to have less detail. Of course I had to add some classical steampunk elements like rivets, bolts, chimneys and goggles.

To make the design for the printer, I had to hollow out the body and add a big hole at the bottom. The printers need the hole to remove the material that is left inside the body during the printing process.

I had the design printed in sandstone at Shapeways. I’m very happy with how the print came out. The colors aren’t exactly what I had in mind, but I think it still works well.


You can buy this model on Shapeways.

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