Multi-Colored Airmchair

I was inspired by the bright colors of this armchair posted by


I have noticed that some printed sandstone colors are very bright, even neon-like. I thought it would be interesting to use those bright sandstone colors for my own armchair design.

I started with manipulating a block mesh in Blender to get the basic form of the armchair.


Using face duplication on the chair mesh with a small cylinder, I got the following design which looks interesting. It consists of 2368 cylinders.


However, this cannot be printed as-is since there are wide gaps between the cylinders. So, I went back to the original chair mesh and applied the subdivision modifier to get all the edges between the faces. I then took each edge and then converted them to curves. For each curve, I modified the object data to shape the curve as a full cylinder. These shapes will fill the gaps between the smaller cylinders.


Now I had to decide on the color scheme. I tried various options, but I’m still not sure which one I will print.


Maybe this one…


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