Blender Preferences

To be productive in Blender, I have changed the default preferences to suit my way of doing modeling. I run Blender on OSX and my Mac doesn’t have a 3-wheel mouse, so if you are using another operating system, there are some things you will do differently than me. I have made these changes using ‘File/Preferences’ in Blender:

  • ‘Zoom To Mouse Position’ – I use my mouse to point at the location I want to zoom to and then I do the zoom operation (Ctrl).
  • ‘Rotate Around Selection’ – I can rotate around the selected item.
  • ‘Input/3D View/Set 3D Cursor’ – This sets the 3D cursor keyboard shortcut. I use numpad 9 with the mouse to set the cursor position. (Otherwise accidentally clicking in the 3D view will change the 3D cursor position)
  • ‘Emulate Numpad’ – since my Mac keyboard doesn’t have a separate numpad, I use the numbers on the keyboard.

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