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Nautilus Submarine Design

I was inspired by the Nautilus Submarine Art Car at Maker Faire 2013 to make my own steampunk-styled submarine. There have been many interpretations of Jules Vern’s submarine Nautilus, but probably the most famous is from Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’. I looked at many images to come up with my own design. I […]

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Steampunk Android

My smartphone is running Android, so I decided to design my own steampunk-styled version of the Android mascot. I did the whole design in Blender using mostly basic cylinder shapes. The most complicated part was the gear mechanism on the front of the design. I found a photo of a mechanical watch mechanism and then […]

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Steampunk Submarine

I was inspired by the Steampunk genre to make my own steampunk-styled submarine. This was going to be my first 3D printed model, so I had to learn how to make a design printable. Not all 3D designs can just be printed. Shapeways has requirements for designs to be printable. The model has to be […]

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Blender Newbie

To design 3D models I decided to use the Blender open source 3D software, mostly because its free and there are many online tutorials available. Setting up Blender was a bit of a challenge since my computer is a Mac and Blender’s default settings are designed for a 3-button mouse. But there are online instructions […]

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3D Printing

3D printing is in the news a lot these days. I was initially interested in 3D printing from an software point of view since I’m a software engineer. I created and open sourced a Android client library for the Shapeways API. But the more I got to see what artists and designers were able to […]

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